Nissin "Koku Curry Udon" is good even for a curry rice bowl

I bought Nissin "Koku Curry Udon" released on July 17 (Tue) and tried it. It is delicious as a curry udon, but it is quite delicious even if you eat rice and put in curry rice bowl after eating.

Details are as follows.
Contents are curry paste, powder soup, quickly. The shredded green onion is already in with the musk.

Pour in powder soup and pour boiling water and wait for 5 minutes.

The amount of increase is large.

There, put curry paste that had been warming on the lid.

Once mixed it is complete.

Looking at the back of the lid, it was written that you can make curry rice bowl after eating.

Add rice to the soup after meal.

Mix and cook rice bowls.

First, as curry udon, it is pretty rich and good. Soup is rather spicy and mildly sour taste than curry udon noodle curry udon and curry roux. She seems to be flat and heaps from thick soup and often. They also have enough ingredients such as kamaboko and nigga. There is rice and soup saying that this is not the main curry rice bowl after eating. Unlike ordinary curry udon, the taste is quite rich and it may be exquisite to white rice. I would like to have curry and rice using this roux.

The release of Nissin is below.

- thick roasted rice with special onion and taste of meat -
Guide to the new bowl Japanese style cup noodle "Nissin Koku Curry Udon"

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