I tried eating Uno's 'Japanese-style curry' and 'Japanese-style curry udon' while spicy spices and bonito stock matched

`` Japanese-style curry '' that combines bonito soup with curry with several kinds of spices, and `` Japanese-style curry udon '' that combines Nakau's special udon soup and Japanese-style curry will appear at Nakau on March 16, 2023 (Thursday). bottom. It is said that you can enjoy the rich flavor of bonito stock, so I actually tried it.

~The decisive factor is the gentle taste of the soup stock~ Nakau “Japanese-style curry” is now available! | News | Rice bowl and Kyoto-style udon noodles


Arrive at Nakau.

I bought 'Japanese style curry' and 'Japanese style curry udon' for takeout.

'Japanese style curry' is divided into separate containers for white rice and roux.

In addition to white rice and roux, it is served with Fukujinzuke.

There are no large ingredients in curry, and ingredients such as carrots are finely chopped.

When you eat it, although it does not contain ingredients such as meat, the flavor of curry and bonito stock stimulates your appetite. In addition, Fukujinzuke was just the right amount of accent, and I was able to eat it until the end without getting tired of it.

Next is 'Japanese style curry udon'. Fried balls and green onions are on top of the noodles.

'Japanese-style curry udon' has separate noodles and curry sauce. This curry sauce is Japanese-style curry mixed with Nakau's special udon soup stock.

Put the noodles into the curry.

Mix well and you're done.

When you eat it, the chewy noodles are often entwined with a slightly seafood-flavored curry that works well. On the other hand, the flavor of fried eggs and green onions is hidden in the strong taste of curry and is not felt much.

'Japanese-style curry' and 'Japanese-style curry udon' can be ordered at Nakau nationwide except for some stores, and the price of 'Japanese-style curry' is 490 yen including tax for normal size and 560 yen including tax for large size. The price of 'Japanese-style curry udon' is 490 yen including tax for normal size and 560 yen including tax for large size.

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