I tried Udon's 'Hot and sour soup' while the mellow sourness and spicy spiciness became addictive.

Acidity and Chinese cuisine, which dominated the spicy pepper 'of vinegar

hot and sour soup (the Sanratan)', 'hot and sour soup noodles' of the Hare amid twist on Japanese-style noodles have emerged from the September 17, 2020. The soup with lots of ingredients based on Japanese-style dashi is said to have a sourness and spiciness that stimulates the appetite, so I actually tried it.

From 11:00 today, Nakau arranges authentic Chinese food in Japanese style! New release of 'Hot and sour soup (Sanrattan) udon' with mild acidity and spiciness! | Notice | Donburi and Kyoto-style udon noodles

Arrived at Nakau.

I will order at the ticket vending machine at once.

That's why I bought the 'hot and sour soup udon rice set'.

The container for 'hot and sour soup udon' is divided into upper udon noodles and lower soup.

Comparing the size of the container with a 15 cm ruler, it looks like this.

The ingredients of the soup are chicken, eggs and bamboo shoots, carrots, and vegetables such as wood ear mushrooms.

I'll put udon in the soup and eat it.

The soup is based on Japanese-style dashi and has a refreshing flavor at the first bite, but the aftertaste has a mild acidity and spicy spiciness, adding a taste that is a bit different from ordinary udon noodles.

Even the editorial staff, who are not good at spicy foods, can eat smooth noodles. The exquisite spiciness and sourness stimulates their appetite, so I ate udon all at once.

The 'hot and sour soup udon rice set' is a set of 'rice (small)' for sprinkling hot and sour soup and eating a cup of shime.

Sprinkle the soup on the rice and eat a glass of shime.

At the time of udon, the soup is entwined with the noodles, so I felt the sourness and spiciness of the soup as an aftertaste, but when I eat white rice with plenty of soup, it has a Chinese taste. It feels even more prominent. Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy the combination of the umami of the dashi stock and the mild acidity.

'Hot and sour soup udon' can be ordered from September 17, 2020 in Nakau nationwide, and the price is 590 yen including tax. In addition, the 'hot and sour soup udon rice set' that comes with rice is 690 yen including tax, and both are available for takeout.

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