Meisei "Aishinoshida Curry Udon" is Japanese style and mild curry taste

From September 3 (Monday) I bought a new sale of Aoshira Sushi shop curry udon and tried it. It was a pretty mild curry taste because it was "a Japanese style dashi and a rough taste of rough soup."

Details are as follows.
Dashi and Tomorrow 's Great Saka Curry Udon ~ A Japanese - style Dashi and a Tempura Soup'

Contents are powder soup, sprinkle at last, sprinkle.

Put powder soup and pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes.

I took the lid.

Put a sprinkle behind the rest.

Mix and mix.

The hen is flat and chewy. Soup has a little thickening, and spices are covered with red pepper in the end. Thanks to the Japanese style soup, the other dayYokosuka Navy Curry NoodlesIt looks like a pretty mild curry taste. It is quite easy to eat and feel full. However, since the ingredients' fried onion is small and there are not many pig chips, it feels somewhat unsatisfactory.

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