"Maru-chan dog" is a soup that will come Zushi, but something is missing

I bought "Maru chan dog pig" released from Toyo Fisheries and tried it. It was something to say that I was pretty good, or it was soup that I felt quite troubled and belly, but overall I feel something unsatisfactory.

Details are as follows.
Fresh fishery system × double soup of pig bones Mu-chan daughter pig

Raw material is like this.

contents. Retort cooked goods, powder soup, postponed liquid soup, baked paste.

Put powder soup and pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes. Warm the retort cooked goods and liquid soup on the lid.

After 5 minutes put the liquid soup and mix.

Complete the retort cooked with glue and glue.

The soup is a Tonkotsu and a fish and soup double soup, but the taste is quite close to seafood. It is strange that this soup is suffering and I feel the volume in my mouth. Although it is quite tasty and smooth non-fried noodles, it is unbalanced with this heavy soup for a moment. The retort chaechwoo is thick and there is a menma, but it is a pity that the ingredients and the soup, the balance of the noodle are bad, and it is becoming a taste of the blurred feeling on the whole. I wanted you to devise something a step further.

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