Ace cook "Miso sauce of pork and cabbage"

I found Ace cook "Miso saucepan with pork and cabbage" at a convenience store and tried it at once. I did not know exactly what it is like "Miso sauce-style wind faux praise", but when I tried it was pretty thick miso flavor.

Details are as follows.
Looking at the ingredients, there are items such as pork and miso, bean board sauce (Toubanjang), sugar bean sauce (tenmen jang), etc. that can make pot pork meat (Hoikoro).

How to make it.

Contents are retort cooked goods, quickly, seasoned.

Put in only the breeze.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

This is the same as ordinary cup fried noodles.

I cook the retort cooking goods with the seasoning sauce. Who is pretty dark.

If you do make it.

When I ate a bite, I was amazed by the thick miso flavor. It is convincing that this product is not called "miso soup yakisoba", it is a thing different from yakisoba at all. The sauce was not enough to mix and there was a part that was hardened a little, but even if you deducted it, the taste is deep, and Toubanjang etc. are contained and it is quite painful. Pork of a retort cooked product is a bad mouthfeel that can be relaxed when put in the mouth, but it is a waste that there is only a small amount.

I did not bother to bother to eat it again. I want you to make it more liquid like, make it easy to mix, make the amount of pig mushrooms about 1.5 times bigger now, and want to improve a little more.

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