I ate Ace cook "beef sour sauce sauce sauce with fried noodle soup"

"Ace cook beef sour rice sauce sauce yakisoba large bowl" released on October 15, 2007 was sold at convenience stores, so I tried it at once.

Previously introducedCow dale ramenAlthough it was recommended very much, how about the taste of the beef daffy roasted soba?

Details are as below
Beef sandalwood sauce sauce with soba noodle | Product line-up | Ace cook Co., Ltd.

The calorie for one meal is 729 Kcal

Finally, sauce, beef sage, red ginger

I am waiting for 3 minutes

I put a cow sagger. I'm glittering.

The finish is like this. The meat of the cow daddy has disappeared somewhere.

There is only a huge amount and I am satisfied with the amount. The taste is because the source taste is too dark, although there are some fragrance and flavor of beef sage, but almost no beef sour taste. Therefore I feel like yakisoba with beef sage flavor. It is a bit disappointing to feel that the amount of oil is high.

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