Newtouch "delicious Tonkotsu soy sauce swine soba" is not terrible, but it is delicious

I bought Yamadai's "New Touch Contents Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Pork Soba", so I tried it. There are various variations of Tonkotsu soy sauce, but what type is this?

Details are as follows.
When opening the lid it was liquid soup, retort cooked goods, quickly, glue.

Pour water and pour hot water, wait 3 minutes.

It's like this one. It looks like it 's pretty slippery.

Add soup and retort cooked goods. Menma is surprisingly large.

Complete with glue.

Soup is slightly tangy but it is rather soy sauce. Non-fried noodles are comfortable to sit and eat without resting their hands. Chashuew and Menma are just retorting and looks and volume is satisfactory, but I want another idea for seasoning. I was glad that the glue still stuck to it. Overall it is modest, but such a fine place is good.

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