Fairly satisfied with the ingredients and soup of Ace cook "Hot pot grilled ground beef jun noodle"

I bought "A hot pot picked ground beef Jin noodle" which Ace cook has released from May 14 and tried it. It was quite useful, and the soup was good with good spicyness and deliciousness.

Details are as follows.
Product information is here.

Ace cook - Hot pot chaise made with hot pot

The contents are quick, liquid soup, powder soup, four after-mentioned seasoning oil.

Pour the powder soup quickly and pour hot water and wait for 4 minutes.

A lot of ground meal and chives.

Place liquid soup and seasoning oil. Pretty bright red.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of ingredients in it. The spicyness of soup is not that strong, but I want tea later. The compatibility of soup, oil, and noodles was pretty good, I ate quickly and I ate a whole soup. I think that it may have been a little more voluminous but the taste was satisfying and I could not complain.

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