"Nissin Kitapato Goota Goko Sauce Noodle" has a small amount of trome but excellent taste

I have tried eating the new Nisshin Fudit New Work "Nisshin Kitty Goota Gokusaku Noodle" sold on May 1st. The suggested retail price is 285 yen (tax excluded) and the price is the same with other fixtures series. It seems to be a soy sauce based soup because it is "thick roasted soy sauce taste", but how much is it a torotro?

Details are as below.
Nissin Foods: Product Information: Product List: Nissin Handy Multi-Five Sesame Sauce Noodle

Open the lid and place the four pouches out.

I throw in water and pour the hot water.

Wait for 4 minutes while warming retort cooked goods.

I opened the lid after 4 minutes.

On the back of the lid, the commitment of ingredients is written.

Put powder soup and seasoning oil and mix it.

Finally putting the retort cooked goods is completed.

I do not feel too much trommia because there are few ants, but it is very delicious as the noodles and vegetables become crispy texture. The ingredients and soy sauce soup are also very well matched, exactly like 'Chinese food'. It is like touching dish udon noodles in the soup with Chinese noodles. It was a wonderful cup noodle which ingredients, soup and noodles exquisitely complement each other.

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