Sapporo Potato Barba Q Asan Black Pepper

It seems that the taste of coarse ground black pepper, beer 's snacks or the like is assumed. Release date is uneven for each area, and it is released sequentially from June 19 (Monday).

Details are as follows.
Spicy and spicy, taste of coarse ground black pepper
"Sapporo potato barba Q aza black pepper" New release for a limited time!

Release date is as follows.

Hokkaido: June 19th
Niigata · Nagano: June 26
Kinki: June 19th
Tohoku: June 19th
Chubu and Mie: June 19
Chugoku / Shikoku: June 26th
Kanto · Shizuoka: June 26th
Hokuriku: June 19th
Kyushu · Okinawa: June 26

The price is open. It seems that it is limited for a limited time.

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