"No preference for cooking utensils," Taking pretty hot cake mix "which completes in one minute

Morinaga "Furi Furi Hot Cake Mix" is that Mr. Morinaga will not have any cooking utensils such as bowls or whiskers, and if you have milk and eggs you can make a hot cake. It was sold in limited quantity in March 2012 and this time it was 158 yen excluding tax in the neighborhood supermarket. As cooking utensils are unnecessary, preparation is easy, so it is not troublesome to clean up again, so how easy it is, and what to do with the finish of the essential taste To actually verify Did.

This is the only thing to prepare. If you have milk and eggs besides 'pretend hot cake mix' OK. No cooking utensils are needed.

This is the amount of hot cake for 3 people.

The cooking method is described on the back side. Simply put, "Preparing milk, eggs, attached hot cake powder and shaking it in this cup" is simple.

Raw materials are not different from ordinary hot cakes.

Peel off the packaging film and feel like this.

The cooking method is also written in the container, and it is OK even if there is no wrapping film that stated the cooking method. Although this is a fine point, cooking is quite smooth, thanks to this.

Weighing function is also attached, measuring cup is not necessary.

It contains hot cake powder (150 grams).

Let's make it at once. First we will pour milk into the cup.

Pour 100 ml of line OK.

And put in one egg here.

Tighten the lid and shake it for about 50 times to mix the egg and milk, but the situation was taken with a movie.

I put milk and eggs in a container of 'pretend hot cake mix' and shook it - YouTube

Shaking 50 times will cause a slight tiredness around the upper arm, but it is far easier than a method of mixing with a whisk in a bowl that uses both hands.

Next, put hot cake powder.

Just put it in, it does not mix well with the underlying milk + egg.

According to the explanation of this product, it is firstly necessary to drop 4 or 5 times from the height of about 15 cm in order to sink the element of hot cake. A person who does not know anything about the circumstances seems to be worried about what happened to him ....

A cup of "Furigaburi Hot Cake Mix" falls from a height of about 15 cm - YouTube

When you open the lid, you can see that the powder of the hot cake is sinking.

And we will do about 50 shakes again here. Unlike the previous one, you need to shake it upwards and upwards. By doing so, the whole mixes well.

I shook "cup of hot cake mix" cup upside down - YouTube

When opening the lid, the fabric of the hot cake was solidly completed. In addition, if it does not mix well, just as before, please drop it 4 or 5 times and shake it again.

Also, the powder will inevitably remain in this way as it is in this part of the cap. Let's drop it with chopsticks and shake it.

Well, I will burn. First of all, after warming the frying pan over medium heat, cool it slightly on the wet cork. By doing this you can make it burned out when you bake the hotcake.

Next, pour the dough onto the low-frying pan. Since the cap is attached, it is quite easy to pour directly into the frying pan like this.

Approximately three minutes baked puffs and small bubbles on the surface, turn it inside out ......

Burning the other side for about 2 minutes is completed.

I got a hot cake with grilled eyes with a good feeling. Even if a person who usually does not make candy normally cooks, just according to the manual, you can make a proper hot cake like this.

This seasoning uses butter and maple syrup.


The taste is not different from ordinary hot cake at all, and finished in a soft texture that matches the sweetness of butter and maple syrup.

If you bake it in too small size you will not feel much fluffy feeling thinly, but if you bake it with a slightly larger size than the palm, the contents are good and finished recommended.

We do not use any cooking utensils, and we can prepare very easily as about 5 minutes until the fabric is made, which will be freed from the troublesome to prepare instruments etc which were a big barrier in making sweets in this case So, "I can try making hot cakes a bit today" can be challenged feel free. Although it is simple, it is a product that is analyzing the needs of people who might become potential sweets. However, if there is a problem, the amount of fabric that can be made at one time is not suitable for enjoying with three people and an adult number. It is best to use it when you want to make a breakfast or snack for one or two people without the hassle.

Because there is no cooking utensil, it is easy to clean up again. Just put water in a container and shake it ......

The inside is in a beautiful state. Afterwards, if you pick it up with a sponge and wash it, cleanup is completed in one minute.

In addition, the container can be reused any number of times, since commercially available hot cake powder is subdivided every 150 grams, you can easily enjoy hot cake.

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