A new sense of Lawson that seems to be drowning in cream overflowing from mochi mochi shoes 'Hobo Crim-Almost cream shoe-' Tasting Review

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my house cafe in the series 'Hobokurimu - Hobohobo cream of the shoe -' was appeared in the November 5, 2019. It is a new type of cream puff that is almost made up of cream as the name suggests. I actually ate it to see how much cream I had.

Hobocrim-Almost cream shoe-| Lawson Official Site

Get Hobo Crim. The package contains a copy of “Mostly cream? Ultra-thin skin, new texture!”

The raw material names were custard cream, fresh cream, whipped cream, and three types of creams. Others include mixed powders, eggs, sugar, fat spreads, vegetable oils and fats, sweetened condensed milk, processed oils, starches, gelatin, and agar.

Calories are 320kcal per package. Hobo Crim is slightly higher because the calorie of “

Big Twin Shoe ” in the same Uchicafe series is 309 kcal.

I removed Hobocrim from the bag and placed it on the palm. I feel a heavy weight because of the cream. The skin is soft and it doesn't feel crispy like a typical cream puff.

When we weighed it for trial, it was 85g by actual measurement.

The section cut with a knife is like this. The cream is packed in the thin shoe. If you look closely at the cross section, you can see that the cream is divided into two layers.

When you eat it, a lot of cream overflows from the soft and thin skin that is moist and soft. Whipped cream is smooth and rich, but never too sweet. Milk cream, on the other hand, is thick and fairly sweet, maintaining a perfect balance with a light whipped cream. As the name 'almost almost cream' is packed, the editorial staff who tasted commented that 'If you eat a bite, the cream will overflow anyway, so this cream should be sucked and drunk.'

“Hobo Crim-Almost Cream Shoe” can be purchased at Lawson nationwide from Tuesday, November 5, 2019 for 200 yen including tax.

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