'Mochi Toro Melon Apricot' tasting reviews with Toro Toro & Fuwa Fuwa Fun Apricot Seed Cream and Melon Sauce wrapped in a strawberry paste

' Mattori Melon Apricot ', which is a mixture of fluffy mochi flour whipped cream and melon sauce in a soft mochi toro dough, has appeared in Seven-Eleven since July 23, 2019 (Tuesday). I actually bought it and tried to check how the combination of melon x mulberry that I didn't see was finished.

Mochikoro Melon Apricot-Seven-Eleven-Close and convenient-


This is the package of Mochi Toro Melon Apricot.

When I looked at the name of the raw material, it contained glutinous flour, cream and sugar, as well as melon juice syrup, processed ginseng and lemon juice. The calorie is 147kcal per one.


It's about the size of a woman's palm.

The height is about 2 cm.

The glutinous dough on the outside is soft and elastic ...

When cut, it is so soft that it loses its shape. In the dough is fluffy glutinous rice flour and melon sauce in the center.

When I tried eating, the sour taste of lemon juice, which was also listed in the raw material name, was unexpectedly heard. The soft flavor that made the tofu into fluffy cream spreads in the mouth first, and the melon smell comes after it later, and the finish to be a little hard with the agate. It is a combination that you do not get used to as melon x mulberry seed, but it's so natural that it seems like 'Even if there is such a combination of tastes it's not wrong'. Because it is the size to finish eating with one bit two bites, it was perfect for the after-dinner dessert.

In addition, it is tax-included 118 yen for gluten melon melon.

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