Coldstone's Seven Eleven limited gelato "Berry White Princess" is a summer-like refreshing taste

Summer is a delicious season of ice and shaved ice, but ice cream made from milk can be easily obtained at convenience stores, but there are not many products like sherbet or solve that mainly made of fruit taste. Meanwhile, from September 17 (Tuesday) only for Seven ElevenCold Stone CreameryBrand's "Berry White Princess"Gelato mainly based on grapefruit and litchi was released. As the hot weather continued, I went to Seven Eleven and bought some items and tried it.

Cold Stoneberry White Princess This Week's New Item | Seven - Eleven - Nearby and Convenient ~

A lot of pictures of fruits are drawn in the package. Price 1 yen 250 yen including tax.

It looks like gelato with grapefruit and lyche as the center of taste.

Fruits such as strawberries and peaches are printed.

Fruits such as strawberry · white peach pickles · raspberries as raw materials and grapefruit juice and lychee juice as fruit sauce are used. Manufacturers of the series of royal hostsRoyal Food Co., Ltd..

Because calories do not use milk, it is low as 93 kcal.

When taking the cup's paper lid, the inner lid is attached.

When peeling off the inner cover you can see slightly pink ice cream.

When digging up with a spoon, a white peach of corner cutting came out.

It is like a sherbet made from grapefruit and litchi with a thin pink part.

Strawberry and raspberries are also included. I will eat it at once.

Grapefruit and grapefruit jelly · lychee · strawberry · peach pickled in syrup, fruit mixedfruit punchI like the taste. The center of the taste is gathered together with a lot of fruits entering with bitterness and sourness of grapefruit, sweetness and aroma of litchi. Deliciously depending on the part to eat fruit is different so enjoy a different flavor, pink frozen grapefruit jelly also a different texture from the sherbet part is also good. Although sugar is contained, sweetness is not strong so far, you can eat crisply.

If you eat raspberries and strawberries with grapefruit and lychee gelato you can add more sourness and enjoy a different taste.

This is sold only by Seven Eleven nationwide. It is ice which I do not sell at the store of Cold Stone · Creamery, and there are not any similar items even at convenience store ice, so it is necessary check if you like ice cream.

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