``Refreshing nostalgic cider fruit punch'' tasting review with apples and yellow peaches in sharp ice cream

Ice cream with apple and yellow peach pulp, `` Refreshing Nostalgic Cider Fruit Punch '' appeared on July 11, 2023 (Tuesday) only at Seven-Eleven. The emerald green package was really cool, so I actually ate it and checked the taste to blow off the summer heat.

Lotte Refreshing Nostalgic Cider Fruit Punch | Seven-Eleven ~ Convenient and Convenient ~


Arrived at Seven - Eleven.

I found 'Refreshing Cider Fruit Punch' at the ice cream corner.

I bought it and brought it home. It seems that 6% of fruit juice and pulp is included.

By type, it is a frozen dessert, and the names of raw materials are yellow peach, apple, syrup-pickled mandarin orange, cherry juice and fruit names.

The calorie is 159 kcal per piece.

I will open it with Periperi.

Ice is white with a slight pink color mixed. You can see a little flesh.

When you eat it, the ice part tastes like solid ramune candy. In addition to ramune, it also has fruit flavors, but it's a mixture of various fruits, so it's hard to ask what kind of fruit it is. Refreshingly cool from the mouth to the throat with a unique refreshing feeling.

As you continue to eat, the flesh of apples and yellow peaches will come into your mouth. Both apples and yellow peaches have a clear taste, so I could strongly feel that I was eating fruit.

``Refreshing nostalgic cider fruit punch'' is 180 yen excluding tax and will be available at Seven-Eleven from July 11, 2023 (Tuesday).

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