I tried to eat 'Garigari Kimi pears' with a sharp texture and fragrance considerably pearish

Akagiri Milk Industry released "Garigari Kimi pear" on Tuesday, June 17. I used domestically produced pear juice and it reproduced the sharp texture of pear, and it was a very popular item sold in 2013, so I bought it and tried it.

Garigari Kimi seasonal limited release | Akagiri Milk

Garigari Kimi has printed illustrations of Garigari based on the color of pear.

There are 3 types of packages.

If it hits, I can get another one with us as usual.

Looking at the back, the contents are transparent through the bottom part.

The calorie is 69 kcal, slightly less than Garigari kimi soda (70 kcal).

For raw materials, you can check sugar, pear fruit juice, apple juice, starch syrup, liqueur and so on.

The ice taken from the bag is the pear color itself. The fragrance of pear also expanded when opening.

When I try to eat it, the sharp texture of the crunchy ingredient, coupled with the aroma of drifting pears, makes the image of the texture of pears imaginable as it is, and it is perfect combination "to make a pear with Garrigali" You can see that there is. It comes with a sharp texture along with a crispy pear-colored ice, which also strengthens the feeling that it is "pear-like" at all. If you mix frozen pear with shaved ice, it may be similar taste, but texture seems to be difficult.

It is 60 yen for this, so if you like pear, you definitely want to eat it.

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