CALPIS Fruity Cafe Calpis berry & milk is like a high chow drink

I bought "CALPIS Fruity Cafe Calpis Berry & Milk" which is new release from Monday, November 5. I had imagined it because there are products with fruit juice, such as oranges and grapes on Calpis, but it was actually like Morinaga Hijiku drink.

Details are as follows.
Calpis: Product Information | "Calpis Fruity Cafe" Calpis Berry & Milk

raw materials. Classification is a refreshing drink.

Milk + strawberry + blueberries.

When I poured it into a glass, Ichigo feels like me.

Pretty thin pink color.

I was expecting a rich sweetness like Calpis, but that expectation was shattered. Sweetness is so absurd, but it looks like berry and milk are mixed together and it is similar to yogurt drink. The most similar thing was Morinaga's high-tech drink. It is quite new taste, so it is recommended for those who are looking for unusual drinks.

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