A pale fragrance of pear "Canada Dry Pear fizz" tasting review

"Canada dry pairs" that is on sale for a limited time from November 20 is Uri with a fragrant pear. Canadian dryness likes a place not too sweet, but what kind of taste is it when it comes to pear flavor?

Details are as follows.
The contents are colorless transparent.

raw materials.

I poured it into a glass.

Carbonic acid is playing moderately.

It certainly has a fragrance of pear and tastes like that, but I may not notice it as a person who does not usually care about scent. Sweetness is modest, refreshing taste with a sense of transparency. I wish I could strengthen my carbonation a little more. Personally I think that any drink of bean juice is cheating with fragrance as well, so I am afraid somehow ....

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