"Mitsuya Maru squeezing mandarin orange" tastes good in drinking in kotatsu in winter

Asahi drink "New Mitsuya Maru Milk Mikan Tailoring" was on sale at the convenience store from 16th October so I bought it and got drunk. Mandarin orange taste is on the front and it has become a good for the coming season.

Details are as follows.
Wenzhou oranges juice is being used.

I poured it into a glass.

I am pretty Schwasswa.

I feel sweet when I eat oranges with high sugar content. There is little sour taste, although it is oranges, it has a taste with a considerably transparent taste. In winter, I feel like going into a kotatsu and drinking while eating oranges.

Asahi Beverage | Product Information | Mitsuya Maru squeezed oranges tailoring

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