"Nachan soda fruity grape" is a grape sour like real genuine

Suntory from Sonata Fruity Grape became a new release, so I bought it and tried drinking it. She did not have the impression of a very strong taste, but it was a finish that gently feels the grape while 3% fruit juice.

Details are as follows.
Nicely! Suntory

Fruit juice is 3%, of which Giante juice is 16%.

Bottle has a foamy design.

Peel off the label and feel like this.

I poured it into a glass. A lot of fine carbonic bubbles are coming out.

The carbonation is not as strong as Fanta, the drinking mouth is refreshing. There is a feeling that acidity of grape remains in the mouth as a aftertaste. It is recommended for people who feel that carbonation is too strong in Fanta and those who want to feel the taste of fruits even in carbonated drinks.

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