Faint citrus scent is too subtle "Mikan Cider" tasting review

I found "Mikan Sider" which seems to be sold only for FamilyMart, so I bought it and tried drinking it. It is written as "fancy citrus scent" and I was expecting what kind of taste it is, but scent and taste were "honoka" very disappointing.

Details are as below.

32 kcal per 100 ml.

Conchs oranges orange with fruit juice (fruit juice less than 10%).

Use natural water.

The color is fairly thin, and the taste is thin as it looks. It is written that the fragrance is faint, but the overall impression itself is subtle, and it feels like an orange liquid that just shakeshwa. I feel a little tangle in the aftertaste level, I do not feel any taste while drinking. It might be good for people who dislike strong taste, but it feels like being too thin indeed.

in Gastronomic Adventure, Posted by logc_nt