I tried a small battery "MyBattery Book X" that can charge mobile phones, game machines, personal computers, etc. at the same time

Can charge mobile phones, portable game machines, laptop computers at the same timeLightweight and compact external battery "MyBattery Book X"I told you that it will be released from Tuesday, April 7 at GIGAZINE at the end of last month, but since I was able to lend it from JTT, I will deliver the review immediately.

"MyBattery Book X" has the strength of being able to charge a large number of compatible models and multiple devices at the same time, the size of the capacity, and being compact and easy to carry as much as possible, but in reality laptop computers and Nintendo DSi, PSP, iPhone 3G etc. When I tried charging, the feeling of use was not quite bad.

Details are as follows.
Back of package

Numerous connectors are included and can be used as a power source for various equipment.

3.7 V, 8000 mAh (8 Ah) lithium ion / polymer rechargeable battery adopted

Contents. In addition to the main body, cables, connectors, AC adapter etc., a special pouch and manual and warranty card are attached.

This is the body of "MyBattery Book X"


The explanation of each connector is written on the back of the back.

DC 16V-20V output from the left, DC 19V input for charging the battery body, USB output, DC 9V-12V output terminal.

I compared the size of "MyBattery Book X" with "Nintendo DSi". It is quite compact.

As a result of getting narrow of Nintendo DSi in thinness.

AC adapter for charging 'MyBattery Book X'

The AC adapter is quite a thick impression.

Charging in progress. Blue LED will let you know the charge status. Charging is required for 8 hours only when it is used for the first time, but it can be charged in 3 to 4 hours after the second time.

The attached cable. USB cable from the left, 19 V DC output cable, 10.5 V DC output cable, 12 V DC output cable, 16/19 V DC output cable.

Connectors for 19 V, 16 V, 12 V

From this, connectors suitable for personal computers are used in combination with cables. Some personal computers can charge with 16 / 19V DC output cable alone

Connectors for 10.5 V, 5 V

Combined with 10.5 V DC output cable

It can also be combined with USB charging cable.

It is charging while operating the Panasonic laptop computer "Let'snote W8". The energy capacity of "MyBattery Book X"3.7 V (voltage) × 8000 mAh (current capacity) = 29.6 Wh, The battery capacity of "Let'snote W 8" has the energy capacity10.8 V × 5.8 Ah = 62.64 WhTherefore,It is possible to charge about halfis. In addition, it is not always possible to charge all the laptop computers, so we will notify you on the official JTT page at a later date on the laptop computer that could check the operation.

Then charge "iPhone 3G". The battery capacity of the iPhone 3G is not disclosed, but it has a built-in 1200 mAh battery at 3.7 V iPhone 3G 1 Seg tuner combined with an external batteryWhen I charged it with "TV & Battery", I was able to charge 80%Considering that, the battery capacity is assumed to be about 1500 mAh at 3.7 V, so "MyBattery Book X"About six times chargeableTo calculate.

Since "PSP - 2000" has a battery capacity of 3.6 V, 1200 mAh,Although it is less than seven times, full charge more than six times is possible.

"Nintendo DSi" is charged using a commercially available USB charging cable. Since the battery capacity of the Nintendo DSi is 3.6 V, 840 mAh,Though it is less than 10 times, you can charge it more than 9 times.

複数の機器を同時に充電することも可能。ノートパソコンやUSBで充電できる機器に加えて、10.5Vの出力端子を利用すれば「VAIO Type P」や「Aspire One」といった低価格ミニノートも充電できます。ただし「EeePC901」だけは筐体とコネクタの干渉が発生してしまうそうです。

Although I thought using it, although the weight of the "MyBattery Book X" body is 225 grams, it is somewhat concerned about the weight, but it is compact and realizes a large capacity, where plenty of compatible equipment is abundant, multiple devices It is very pleased to be able to cope with simultaneous charging. Although it is a somewhat inexpensive capacity for charging a laptop computer, it is enough to use it as an auxiliary power source.

Since there is a possibility that the equipment may be damaged, care must be taken with respect to voltage when using it, in addition to the fact that the failure in case of using a third party AC adapter is mostly out of the manufacturer's warranty It is necessary to put it.

I feel regret that the AC adapter for charging "MyBattery Book X" is very large, it is not suitable for carrying or being puzzled by the selection of the connector suitable for the device that you own. Because it is a capacity enough to use at that time, it may be a good idea to take it for the excursion season or a long business trip.

Incidentally, "MyBattery Book X" is sold at 17,800 yen in the online shop, but since the first arrival in the online shop has been sold out, the next arrival will be in mid-April.

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