A small external battery "MyBattery Smart" capable of charging smartphones and others

Battery will decrease as the smartphone is fully utilized, but a small external battery that can easily charge a smartphone "MyBattery Smart"Has appeared.

In addition to being a model that emphasizes portability, it also supports charging from a personal computer.

Details are as below.
Smartphones Battery MyBattery Smart

This is the "My Battery Smart" body. The body size is about 105 x 54 x 11 mm, the weight is about 70 grams and it is compact.

A USB port (left) for charging the device and a microUSB port (right) for charging the main unit are installed.

A rewinding microUSB cable that can be extended to about 70 cm is included. You can also use it to charge the device from "MyBattery Smart", when charging the "MyBattery Smart" main unit.

It can charge devices compatible with USB charging including Android smartphone. Battery capacity is 2000 mAh (3.7 V), you can charge the battery of the smartphone about once.

In addition, the release is planned for late March.

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