Small External Battery New model "PES-5200" to be released, large capacity and easy to carry

A large capacity model of 8800 mAh "PES-8800S"Compact and lightweight"PES-6600"From the Move on, which has been releasing external batteries for multiple mobile devices so far, new models that are smaller and lighter"PES-5200It is clear that it will be released.

The point that it is small size and lightweight so that it is easy to carry is large, but the point that it is large has hardly changed, realizing even lower price.

PES-5200 | Mobile battery |

According to Move-on's official page "", the company is said to release an external battery "PES-5200" from the beginning of October. The price is 3980 yen.

"PES - 5200" is a model that is offered in six colors of white, black, purple, orange, green and pink, body capacity is 5200 mAh (3.7 V) that can charge smartphone 2 to 3 times. MicroUSB cable attached.

As with the previous series, you can charge various equipment by replacing the optional connector.

"Automatic power supply stop function" and "overcharge / power supply protection circuit" "reverse connection protection / abnormal short-circuit power supply protection", which automatically stops power supply when there is no connection with the charging target device for about 10 seconds or more even when the power is turned on Circuit "and so on, so that it can be used safely.

The main body size is 41.5 mm × 84.0 mm × 24.0 mm, and the weight is 115 g. The maximum output is 1200 mA.

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