Lightweight and compact external battery "My Battery Book X" that can charge mobile phones, game machines, notebook PCs, etc. at the same time

Lightweight and compact external battery that can charge mobile phones and Nintendo DS, PSP and other portable game machines, laptop computers at the same time "MyBattery Book X"Is released from JTT.

It not only realizes large capacity, light weight, and compactness but also supports all kinds of connectors and voltages, it has become a very encouraging model to rely on in emergency.

Details are as follows.
"External Battery for Netbook MBBOOKX" Japan Trust Technology

According to this page, on April 7 JTT will release an external battery "MyBattery Book X" compatible with netbooks.

"MyBattery Book X" adopts a large capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery of 8000 mAh (3.7 V), which is about 10 times the rechargeable battery (about 800 mAh, 3.7 V) of the mobile phone, and measures 112 × 75 × 23 mm It weighs 225 grams.

In addition, it has three ports, a port that can be switched to 19/16 / 12V, a port of 10.5V, and a USB port of 5V, so that you can charge three devices simultaneously, such as a laptop computer, a cell phone and a game machine, Since it has 10 kinds of connectors, it is said that it corresponds to a very wide range of equipment by combining the attached cables.

Although it is a price to worry about,According to the online shop of JTTIt is 17,800 yen.

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