In a sense, Kiwamono, "Smart Connect 3" which can charge various mobile devices with one cable

There are various kinds of connectors for charging mobile devices such as dedicated terminals adopted by iPhone and iPod, microUSB terminal adopted mainly for Android smartphone, there are no choices, so carry multiple cables with you There are many people who are ......

To such users recently, charging cables and so on which are made to correspond to all kinds of equipment simply by replacing the connectors at the tip are sold, but in a way that goes a step further, it may be safe to call it "Kiwamono" in a certain sense cable"Smart Connect 3"Has appeared.

Just carrying this cable makes it possible to charge various devices without worrying about losing connectors.

Details are as below.
3 types of connectors merged into 1 USB charging cable Smart Connect 3 Japan Trust Technology

According to the official page of Nippon Trust Technology, the company will release the USB charging cable "Smart Connect 3" from December 17th. Price is an open price.

This is the smartphone "Smart Connect 3". It's a strange shape ... ....?

By adopting the mechanism that the next connector will appear when sliding the connector part which connects the bearings, it is possible to charge various equipment. The connectors are connected by joints, it seems that there is no need to remove the changed connector.

Corresponding terminals are three terminals for Apple products such as USB-miniB, microUSB, iPhone / iPod etc. The cable length can be adjusted to about 15 ~ 70 cm.

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