We tried using four types of charging / communication cables "metal USB flexible cable" which bends twists and also becomes a stand

The cable part is made of metal "Metal USB Flexible Cable"There are Apple Dock Charging Cable, Lightning Charging Cable, MicroUSB Charging Cable, etc. In addition to being able to charge each smartphone / tablet as usual, it can also be used as a stand fixed by being bent. Since it means that we can make movements that can not be done with ordinary cables, we actually tried various purchases and tried various movements.

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From the left side of the screen, the bellows part is 60 cm of Apple Dock charging cable, Lightning charging cable, MicroUSB charging cable, Lightning charging cable 20 cm.

This is the shortest 20 cm Lightning charging cable.

It is like this when taking out from the bag.

When measuring the length, there is a total length of about 23 cm.

Each connector is not particularly different from a genuine product.

When I tried connecting the PC and the iPhone 5 actually using the cable, I was able to charge properly.

Since the cable part is made of metal, it is also possible to fix in this acrobatic position.

Next is a 60 cm Lightning charging cable.

I try to charge quickly, the cable is a little hardened because it is made of metal, but it is possible to change shape with Guignaggua without adding the force to that.

Since the cable part is long for 60 cm, it can be fixed in various positions.

I will try to connect even with iPad mini.

I tried to fix the iPad mini in the air, the connector part could not withstand the weight of iPad mini and it got broken.

Next is MicroUSB charging cable.

Each connector looks something like this.

I actually charge GALAXY S4.

You can charge firmly.

You can also fix your smartphone in the air like this.

Finally Apple Dock charging cable.

This is a 30 pin adapter.

It is hard to connect the connector a little, but it can be charged well.

The total length of the Apple Dock charging cable, Lightning charging cable, MicroUSB charging cable, the total length is about 68 cm, the connector part is 8 cm, the cable part is 60 cm.

Although the weight of the tablet can not be supported indeed, it can support firmly with a smartphone, it can be used not only as a cable but also as a stand of a smartphone like this.

3 pieces of bellows 60 cm cable are 499 yen tax excluding tax,Lightning charge cable 20 cm tax included 799 yenIt can be purchased with each, the durability is a little weak, but if it is one, it can be used as a charging cable or as a stand of a smartphone, and the apparent impact is much more than anything else than anything else.

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