FamilyMart Limited Beverages "Mango Acerola" tasting review

I bought "Mango Acerola" which was sold in limited quantity only by FamilyMart, so I bought it. It is said that 15% of mixed fruit juice of mango and acerola is used, and one day of vitamin C can be ingested with this one.

Review from below.
raw materials.

One 350 ml with 165 kcal.

Cap is not marked.

I poured it into a glass. Feeling a little stinky.

From the side.

It seems like a little mixed acerola with mango juice, mango is intensified as the whole impression. However, the sourness of acerola remains somewhat in the aftertaste. It is thick for 15% fruit juice. Because it is 350 ml and the amount is small, is not it drinking with something the first thing in the morning, is not it?

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