It seems that it became more fruity "Nachan Fruity Soda Grape" tasting review

Suntory 's baby series "Fruity soda grape" seemed to be more fruity and returned home, because it was conspicuous with a flashy label, I bought it for a hand at a convenience store without thinking. surelyWhen I drank last yearIt seems that it was pretty fruity, but is it even more power-uped?

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Nicely! Suntory

With grape juice, fruit juice is less than 10%. Last year's thing was written as "fruit juice 3%" exactly, but did the proportion change?

raw materials. Also this year, "grape juice" (16% giant fruit juice) was "grape juice".

48 kcal per 100 ml.

I poured it into a glass.

As expected, I do not remember the taste of last year, but I do not feel that fruity is increasing so much. Although the highest temperature has come down visibly past the tray, there are also hot days sometimes, and at such times such a refreshing drink looks good.

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