"Premium Mitsuya Cider Domestic White Peach" tasting review that you can enjoy the peach flavor so much

Asahi BeverageMitsuya CiderFrom the series "premiumGoods called "Kishu plum,Fuji Ringo,Setonai lemon,Domestically produced Wenzhou orangesAlthough it has been released a lot in the wind, it was released last yearDomestic white peachI bought it because I heard that it renewed.

Using only domestically produced "white peach juice", the Asahi Brewelle Group's proprietary manufacturing method "Fresh Quality Production"It is said that fresh scents and refreshing feeling of fruit are realized by using. What kind of fragrance is it finished?

Details of taste and scent are as follows.Premium Mitsuya Cider Domestic White Peach | Mitsuya Cider | Carbonated Drinks | Product Information | Asahi Beverages

The label of "Premium Mitsuya Cider Domestic White Peach" is decorated with white peach and a circular pattern like carbonated image.

It is a limited time item.

Mitsuya Cider series has sticking to water and scent. Juice uses only domestic white peach juice.

Fruit juice is not as many as 3%.

Raw material name is like this.

When you drink 500 ml of 1 bottle, the calorie is 230 Kcal.

Opened. The fragrance of peach with sweetness which is science only a little excites the nostrils. For example, it looks like peach-tasting gum.

When I tried drinking with gokgoku, the sweetness of sugar came along with discreet carbonation. I do not insist too much on the "peach flavor" of the bottom, so it is a bit disappointing because the feeling of fruit juice is weak. The impression that the smell is better than the taste may be more suitable for those who like the product of "white peach flavor" than those who like the real white peach.

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