"Mitsuya Cider Japan Quality Kyushu Wenzhou Mikan" Tasting Review

"Kyushu Wenzhou mandarin" was added to Mitsuya Cider's Japanese quality series, so I bought it and got drunk.

Mitsuya Cider Japan Quality Series is produced by Asahi Drink's latest technology "Fresh Quality Manufacturing Method", so farKishu Minami Takumi,Fuji apples from AomoriIt is on sale.

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Asahi Beverage | Product Information | Mitsuya Cider

It is use of Mikaken Wenzhou from Kyushu.

Fruit juice used 10%.

Mitsuya cider logo on the cap.

I poured it into a glass.

It seems to be Wenzhou oranges, there is little acidity and quite sweetness is intensified. As it is, it feels like taste when I drank Mitsuya Cider while eating oranges. I do not have any strange persistence so I can drink it all the time.

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