I tried a seven eleven "Mango delicious white bear" with plenty of mango

"White sky"Although it is shaved ice using condensed milk and fruits originating in Kagoshima city, Seven Eleven used plenty of mango since Tuesday, July 29Mango delicious white bearWe released the. It was a hot day, so I bought it and ate it eating.

Seven Premium Mango delicious White Bear Kanto This Week's New Item | Seven - Eleven - Nearby and Convenient ~

Mango delicious white bear is packaged in transparent plastic.

The white bear has a mango.

From the side, plenty of white ice.

As raw materials you can see sweetened condensed milk, mango, mango sauce, sugar, mango puree and so on.

Calorie is 282 kcal, slightly higher for shaved ice.

When opening it is like this.

The mango sauce is under the cut mango.

Mango ice cream is also on it.

First you scoop from mango and try to eat it, although it is frozen, you can feel the sweetness of the mango firmly and you can enjoy melting and moistening texture when putting in the mouth. The sauce was not too sweet.

White shaved ice including milk etc. which is the characteristic of white bear is slightly sweet and sharp texture. Good compatibility with mango sauce with sour taste.

Mango ice cream, although the amount is plentiful, the taste of cream and mango was slightly cheap finish.

As I was eating, the mango was buried also in the bottom, and I had plenty of mango.

There was plenty of condensed milk that can not be put on white bear. Sweetness is intense because it is quite plenty, but this sweetness is the taste like "white bean".

It is slightly easy to dissolve, so it seems better to eat early.

Mango's delicious white bear's price is 343 yen including tax and it is high in convenience store ice, but it is recommended for those who like mango.

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