A faint flavor of a peach that feels like drinking somewhere, "White peach fragrant summer water" review

When shopping at a convenience store, Morinaga milk industry's "Corner of pack drinks"White peach fragrant summer waterI found a little unusual drink called "I bought it unexpectedly".

1 liter paper pack included.

As a classification, it is divided into "soft drinks". Ingredients are sugar / fructose glucose liquid sugar, peach juice, flavor, acidulant.

The fruit juice used is 1%.

38 kcal per 200 ml.

Completely colorless transparent when pouring it into a glass.

I had a feeling that it was a peach-flavored beverage, but I feel like I made the flavor of "Peach's Natural Water" a little thinner a little before now. Recently there is a mineral water taste of fruits, but it may be slightly darker than that. Although it tastes peach surely, there is no gentle sweetness of peach juice, and it goes through the throat all the time. After drinking, although it is not so much gourmand in the mouth, slightly sour taste remains, so maybe it was a little less.

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