"Quip" that allows you to create sentences while collaborating with multiple people and chatting

A tool that can be used from any terminal such as smartphone, tablet, personal computer, etc., can share and edit texts and folders by multiple people, and can create sentences while chatting with collaboratorsQuip"is. Even if you edit text from any terminal, such as smartphone or tablet, it is optimized for each terminal and it is a tool that can be edited seamlessly between terminal and user.


First of all,App StoreInstall from.

When installation is completed tap and start.

From here it is a tutorial.

All the documents have a chat function, and it makes it easier for collaborative editing by taking communication.

You can use this folder for sharing with family, this folder with work team and sharing.

Can be used online or offline.

And it is possible to use it while synchronizing among multiple terminals, tap "Start using Quip" as tutorial is over.

Enter your email address in the text box in the middle of the screen and tap "Next".

As I entered Gmail address, I moved to Google login screen, enter account information and tap "Login".

Tap "Approve".

Tap "Skip" at the top right of the screen ... ...

Tap "OK".

This is the top screen of the Quip application. Since Quip is a writing application, let's put the tablet sideways so as to make it easy to input characters ......

Tap the icon at the top right of the screen.

You can create a new folder, enter the color and folder name and tap "Create".

With this you can create a folder called "GIGAZINE". Tap a folder ......

This folder is like this.

Below the folder name is a small "Private folder" is displayed.

If you want to share this folder by more than one person, tap the humanoid icon in the upper right of the screen.

Enter the email address of the person you want to share in the text box and tap "Search" ......

Folder sharing is completed. In "Sharing", the name of the person sharing the folder is displayed.

Next, create the text, tap the icon in the lower right of the screen.

This is the initial state of the text. Enter text on the right side of the screen and chat and work contents on the left side.

Enter a sentence ......

You can tap "Heading", select "Large", and tap the check mark to enlarge the letters.

When you enter sentences like this ...

If you want to insert an image, tap "Image" from "Insert".

Tap the emerging "?" Icon.

Tap "Choose Existing".

Tap "Camera Roll".

If you select the image you want to insert ......

You can insert images like this.

Three other types of list display are possible ......

From "Table" of "Insert" ......

You can also include a table.

I tried to create a sentence using several functions.

Since list display and table creation are possible, it seems that it can be used for quite a wide range of purposes.

The Quip application can also be used from the iPhone, and the created text is optimized for iPhone and displayed. When you log in to the account you set as a collaborator with the iPhone application, it will be displayed like this.

Text created by other accounts can be edited smoothly as if you created it yourself.

It is also easy to insert images.

Swipe the text entry screen to the right ... ...

Chat is displayed.

I checked it on the iPad, and the editing contents from other accounts were reflected immediately.

Of course on a PCLogin to QuipEven then, it can be used with such feeling that it is almost the same as the iPad version.

The developers of this application are Bret Taylor, former CTO of Facebook and Kevin Gibbs, former technology leader of the Google App Engine team, are available for free on an individual basis, and the Preview Release version for AndroidGoogle PlayIt is open to the public.

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