Sharp further enhances Android smartphone lineup

NTT docomoYaKDDI,SoftBank mobileAnd other companies have announced Android smartphones one after another in this year, recently equipped with high-resolution liquid crystal and high-quality cameras, recently adopted the latest "iOS 4" to achieve further "IPhone 4Although it is a smartphone market showing bustling, such as announcing it, it became clear that Sharp of the domestic largest mobile phone maker is a policy to further expand Android smartphone.

Details are as below.
Apple and Google, sparks with smartphone: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

According to the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun news report, while Apple's "iPhone" continues to perform well, smartphones adopting Google's mobile phone OS "Android" are rapidly catching up, and in the smartphone market "Apple vs. Google and It seems that a composition of mobile phone maker association is being formed.

And Sharp and NTD docomo and KDDI as a model for the summer sales battle Android smartphone "LYNX (SH-10 B)"IS 01"In addition to supplying the Android product group in the second half of FY2010, we are also preparing to launch smartphones in China next summer.

"NEC Casio Mobile Communications", a mobile phone manufacturer that NEC and Hitachi and Casio have joint ventures, are also supposed to introduce Android terminals to overseas markets within the year.

In addition, KDDI, which received supply of Android smartphone "IS01" from Sharp,The company's second Android smartphone announces that it will be a model combining the open and free service of smartphones and the one-segment, Felica, and ease of use of conventional mobile phonesWill Sharp do the development for the second bullet?

Concept of the second Android smartphone KDDI will release.

By the way Sharp isA camera module for smartphones enabling shooting of high definition 3D moviesWe announced in May, but as to whether this module will be installed on our smartphone or not, as well as the version of Android to be adopted"Android 2.2" which enables high-speed operation equivalent to 2 to 5 times as compared with the conventional oneWhether or not will be interesting.

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