Fujitsu to develop Android Phone, could be in international market

Another Android phone developer is joining the war. Fujitsu, known for their large share in NTT docomo cellphone handset sales, announced that they're working on Android-powered handsets.

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Fujitsu to develop Android Phone, first for docomo in 2011 (1/2Pages) - SankeiBiz

Fujitsu hasn't released smartphone since 2007. But considering largely growing smartphone market in Japan, they decided to come back to smartphone market.

Recently it has came out that Fujitsu and Toshiba agreed on merging their cellphone branch in October. They are aiming improvement in oversea sales but there are already multiple competitors which got greater presence. This smartphone will be a toehold in a new market.

One thing to worry is that their adaptivity on oversea markets. Toshiba got enough technology to realize their idea (we could see it in their unique "F-04B" keyboard-display separatable phone).

But Japanese market is quite unique from international market. They will have to pursue universality, which many other competitors already learned.

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