KDDI launched the Windows Phone 7 smartphone "IS 12 T" and reported, domestic first appearance

Starting with "IS 03" released last November, KDDI releasing Android smartphones one after another with a catch phrase of "Android au" is reported to be launching a smartphone employing "Windows Phone 7" It was.

KDDI introduces Japan phone for models with Windows Phone 7: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, KDDI is to release smartphones that adopted Microsoft's "Windows Phone 7" at the end of August.

Although the smartphone adopting the same OS will be the first in the country,A model made by Fujitsu Toshiba which became clear that it was developing the Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone the other dayIt is said that the model number will be "IS12T". The presentation will be held during this month.

Incidentally, Toshiba has also talked about the old mobile phone such as "T - 01 A" and "IS 02", Fujitsu launched Windows tablet, etc, both manufacturers have a high affinity with Microsoft, Mobile phones that adopted Windows 7 even after being integrated into "Fujitsu Toshiba"F-07CSince releasing "Windows Phone Smartphone" is considered a natural flow.

Although Windows Phone is the third platform after iPhone and Android,Predicted to be the second largest share after Android in 2015Has been already, NOKIA, the largest mobile phone maker, has partnered with MicrosoftTo announce the company's first Windows Phone smartphone within the yearHas been decided.

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