Fantasia growing expectations for new work, super weapons group of Godzilla etc. "Soul FES 2011" item

Here, as the last article related to "Soul Festival 2011", I will take up items of various works which I have not covered in the past articles.

◆ Godzilla

"Godzilla compatible effect & Toho special effects super weapon"

Besides the effect that Godzilla's attack gets fancy, there are various Toho super weapon groups that appear in Godzilla movies.

Mechagodzilla & Garuda

Reference exhibition "Space Godzilla"

This is also a reference exhibition "Moguela"

There was a diorama set in Fukuoka as the final battlefield of the movie "Godzilla VS Space Godzilla".

◆ Fangla

This time the wolf went aboard a crowd.

It looks like a portrait of Napoleon.

This is where I put the sword.

I am purifying Magic Knife by flame

Absolute wolf

There was also the figure of the dark Magic Knife · 呀 (Kiba)

And speaking of the fleeing, it is a life-size armor. The exhibition was held at the booth this time.

You can understand the size as compared with the adjacent magical movement.

◆ Ultraman
The Ultraman figure series "ULTRA ACT" is also expanding rapidly.

Ultraman, Ultraman Mebius, Ultra Seven

ULTRA ACT started from Ultraman.

Ultraman Leo, Astra

Robot warrior appearing in "Ultraman Zero" series, Darkloops Zero

Ultraman of evil, Ultraman Belial. The facelessness is evil.

Magma star



Gomorrah. It seems that it is emitting super vibration waves.


Ultraman Zero. Ultra seven's fruit's son.

Ultraman Zero's friend, Flame Warrior, Glen Fire

Also a companion of zero, Knight of the mirror, Mirror night

Ultraman Dyna

The attack of Ultraman Dyna is reproduced with a splendid effect

Ultraman Tiga (power type) 's dynamic attack

Ultraman Tiga (Sky type)

Tiga Dark

Evil Tiga



Ultraman Aguru V2 and Ultraman Gaia V2

This is Gaia

This is Aguru

Fighter aircraft appeared in Ultraman series also appeared one after another

Diorama imitating the base is exhibited this time

◆ Scryed
In addition to the release of the BD-BOX of the TV series,"Scride Orutation" which reconstructed the TV series November 19 is released to the theatersIt will be a scride. Kazuma, Liu Feng, Cougar and others are three-dimensionalized.


Kazuma second form

Straight Cougar

I feel that this arrangement is very scrupulous

Liu Feng


◆ Dragon Ball
Actually Vegeta was not commercialized by S. H. Figuarts, it seems that Piccolo was the one ahead. Vegeta also grinned to finish three-dimensionally.

Distinctive decoration is also exactly reproduced

This is Goku



The soul festival 2011 is held in Belsau Akihabara until July 17. Because it is free of admission, it is ant to stop by when you feel like it.

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