Finally Sharp smartphone for au to see, KDDI to implement recital

As KDDI fall and winter modelWe announced in March this year that we plan to release "smartphone that can be used as the first device"However, it became clear that the day of the exhibition is approaching steadily.

Apparently it is the first domestically produced smartphone to manufacture a terminalW-ZERO 3"Series, and Sharp boasts a number of achievements in the mobile terminal field.

The above image was exhibited by Sharp at IFA 2010, the world's largest electronics product trade fair held in Berlin, Germany earlier this monthConcept model with 3D liquid crystal and 3D camera, output function to 3D TVis.

Details are as below.
Business Live - SankeiBiz

According to Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz), a comprehensive economic information website of Sankei Shimbun, KDDI will perform a recital on Sharp and smartphones from 11:00 on Monday, October 4.

This is a screenshot. It is in the form of a joint press conference between the two companies, but what kind of models will be released so far ...?

The Android smartphone which appears as a fall and winter model at the presentation of "IS01" and "IS02" which had already been held in March already has services for Japan such as 1 Seg and FeliCa, ease of use of conventional mobile phones, free of smartphone Because it is said that it will be a combination of services, even for those who feel that "smartphones are hurdle high", it is expected that it will be a very attractive model, so expectations will definitely increase Is ...

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