Navigation software "MAPLUS portable navi 3" starts offering Macross F Kisekae data for own car icon to ranka

The voice guidance of the navigation can be switched to voice actor voice "Voice actor navi"Known to provide"MAPLUS".

PSP dedicated software "MAPLUS Portable Navi 3In addition to voice actor Navi, "Kisekae function" which changes all the images of the navigation window and various icons is carried and "Dokodemote!" "Choro Q" "Hayate the Combat Butler!" "Ghost in the Shell SAC" The data of Macross F started from today.

First of all, the navigation sound becomes Aiko Nakajima of ranka · lee, as well as a ranka version which provides a screen display which is somewhat crisp ☆.

Details are as below.
MAPLUS.web - "Macross F (frontier)" Kisekae data started to be provided

The customized function of "MAPLUS Portable Navi 3" can change all the data such as the car icon, navigation window, general icon and so on. So far "Dokodemo!" "Choro Q" "Hayate the Combat Butler!" "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C." data is provided.

Started offering today from "Macross F Lanca Lei Kisekae Pack"(1890 yen including tax). In addition to becoming a 3D own car icon, Ranka Lee is a super space-time Cinderella, and Ai Nakajima who plays guidance voice Ranka Lee is in charge.

The screen display looks something like this. My car = a huge ranker is going to walk steadily.

It became a uniform version. Overall it is a pop image.

The Sheryl Nome Kisekae pack is also scheduled to be offered in October, and it seems that Valkyrie VF 25F Messiah (which can be deformed in three steps) that can be used as a car icon when purchasing both Ranka and Cheryl can be acquired.

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