6 magical cultures of Japan seen from foreigners such as Yamanba and Lolita fashion

It is six different subcultures of Japan seen from foreigners including "Ganglo" and lolita fashion etc. Somehow it seems like there are a lot of cultures a long ago, but as some people still think that "Samurai that sworded in Japan is common", for those who have never actually come to Japan It is perceived that this is the cutting-edge culture of Japan today.

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6 English Subcultures That Are Insane (Even for Japan) | Cracked.com

1. Decorato


A flashy track that decorates the exterior using electric decoration such as a marker lamp and anon, luxurious paint, dazzling stainless steel or plated parts etc.Decorato". There are some decorated from tens of millions of yen to tens of millions of yen depending on the size of the truck and the number of decorations, but from a foreigner's point of view it takes much money and effort to make the truck and trailer gorgeous It seems I can not understand. Furthermore, it is surprising that it is strange that Deccatra is running not for private private-use cars but for work such as loading of luggage.

2. Gal


The gals mentioned here are gangro gals spread in the 1990s. It is strange to go bother to go to the tanning salon to make the skin black, and to make the hair color and clothes fancy accordingly. EspeciallyYamanbaThere are also people who believe that women who were called as the apex of the gal and still stay in Shibuya etc. everywhere.

3. Lolita fashion

ByMatt Watts

Looking at people from overseas, it seems strange that the appearance of wearing hamburgers and riding a train wearing Victorian era puppet clothes does not match the surrounding scenery in modern times.

4. Host club


It is strange that sitting next to a woman and talking about drinking and making a person feel good makes everyone do it, so it is strange that money can be earned. Also, the host seems to have a strong impression that the hair is long,Gal manThere seems to be a lot of people who think that it is the peak of.

5. Yankee


"Yankee" can be said as a symbol of defects in the 1980s. Riesent andBontangAlthough the defects with a unique culture such as Yankee were called "Yankee" in foreign countries, "even dyed hair" "dirty clothes" "smoke cigarettes" "drink alcohol" " Birth images such as birth of children before high school graduation seem to be established.

6. Visual bands

ByAdrian Purser

A visual series that is a rock band with extreme and flashy make-up and hairstyle. Lolita Fashion · Gothic Lolita It seems that it is thought that there is a visual group band on the extension line of fashion · animation character's cosplay, and seems to be thinking "I can not go out in town like that in such a dress."

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