In the present age, it is confirmed rushing up, it is thought that it is a male and female base. Expression-packed advertisement variously

Currently, various self-regulations are developed, and expressions that can be regarded as discrimination even if they are a little bit are to be paraphrased so as not to misunderstand, but advertisements of times when there is no such regulation overflowing quite awkward expression It is content that can get frustrated from the viewpoint of modern people.

So aiming for the liberation of women around 1950-60Woman · Rib movementI tried collecting various advertisements just before spreading. Because there are many expressions that people feel uncomfortable, attention to the background of the times is necessary for viewing.

Details are below.
25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads | I Can Has Internets

Suddenly "Men are superior to women ... advertisement for mountaineering sweaters that asserts that women may be convenient at home, but only on the mountain is an obstacle."

"If you spray on the face of a woman, she comes with you anywhere .... Oh yeah, you can enjoy it even if you do not breathe in smoke," you can not imagine a cigarette advertisement.

"Let's put her in the right place ... ..." as if the woman is possessed as a copy.

"A woman like a tiger can also see this slicks of Mr. Leggs Ichikoro"

English "Projection" representing "projection" has meaning "protrusion, protrude" so "I introduce the best projector in the world! ... and her" both "It is her who has the world's best tits! You can also read.

An advertisement for a bidet medicine for women that "Sexless calls distrust and wife tends to forget to get away from a happy married life." When I read the full sentence, the way I write it is wonderful for women to be responsible.

Also advertisement for medicine for bidet. Following a big copy called "Wife who does not know the fact about sexual relationship should be criticized", it is strongly saying "strongly criticized as it is!" At the beginning of the explanation. It is amazing.

Here is also an advertisement for medication for bidet. "Let's be your woman of your husband's wishes using this"

An advertisement of a deodorant that "as a simple fact the world is cold to women who are not delicate".

"Advertisement of hairdressing soap that most men listen" That child is cute "but" I am not wondering that child's clever? " It is rude to both men and women.

"Shi! Mom is angry! ... Let's take a bath with this soap every day for a summer evening to have a good time, so that you will heal the tiredness of housework"

I think that she is an advertisement of headache medicine or pain relief from a copy that "she will be able to make breakfast again" and this is sometimes used as a psychotropic drug nowPipamazineAdvertisement. It seems that it was sold as a medicine to suppress morning sickness during pregnancy.

"This mixer does everything except cooking ...... Because there's a wife for cooking!"

An advertisement saying "If my husband is not able to overlook the opportunity to taste fresh coffee ...".

"It's all right, honey, beer is not burning." The food seems to be irrelevant.

Advertisement of vitamins that "I look cute as hard as my working wife".

An advertisement of a diet food saying "Let's lose weight while firmly doing housework."

"To the wives: Look carefully at this table, circle the things you want for Christmas and give it to your husband.If you do not go to buy right away, just cry a little.A big cry is useless only to the last. He surely will go "advertisement of home appliance company. For her husband, "Before she cries she wants to go get some things she wants."

"Advertisement of the vacuum cleaner that" I am surely sure that she will be delivered if this is Christmas morning (and afterwards) ". Copying purchasers thoroughly to men is modern and out.

"If you fold 14 fingernails to clean the oven, you can see the reason why you want an oven with this automatic cleaning function" for the wife, actually it is "for husband you can relax Appeal for men "Yo ~".

"Even girls can (easily) open them?"

"Sooner or later, your wife will show you why you should buy a Volkswagen ...... Women are gentle but will hit a car, Volkswagen does not have a problem as parts are cheap." Not safety It is amazing to appeal the cheapness of parts.

A blonde female driver to "a mini / automatic. You can drive easily".Say something.

This is the latest one. "The first thing I noticed was her big mouth", an advertisement of the malt liqueur "Mickey's" famous for its wide-mouth jar. Women and bottles have no mouth, do you have any intention ...?

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