Apple's next MR headset will be equipped with two 1.41-inch OLED microdisplays boasting an ultra-high pixel density of 4000 ppi and a maximum brightness of 5000 nits

Ross Young , CEO of the display industry analysis company, has leaked the display specifications of the mixed reality (MR) headset that Apple is expected to announce soon. According to him, Apple's MR headset will use an ultra-high pixel density OLED microdisplay .

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Prepare to be blinded by Apple's bright headset screens

According to Mr. Young, the specifications of the display installed in Apple's MR headset are as follows.

・OLED micro display
・Diagonal 1.41 inch display
・4000ppi (pixel density)
・Brightness 5000 nits

Mr. Young points out that the display brightness of Apple's MR headset will be more than 5000 nits, but you can see that this figure is a very high spec compared to existing VR headsets. For example, Meta's Quest 2 has a maximum display brightness of around 100 nits, Microsoft's MR headset HoloLens 2 has a display brightness of 500 nits, and Sony's VR headset PlayStation VR 2 has a display brightness of around 265 nits. .

Young says 5000 nits is just peak brightness, not that Apple's MR headset is 'bright enough to blind the user', but better contrast and brighter than existing VR / MR headsets. color, which it describes as providing better highlights. The display brightness of high-end TVs, which sells fine color representation, is about 2000 to 5000 nits.

However, the `` Starburst '' announced as one of `` Project Cambria '', a VR headset prototype announced by Meta, reveals that the maximum brightness is 20,000 nits.

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Apple-related media MacRumors said, ``If Apple achieves a display with a maximum brightness of 5000 nits, this MR headset will provide a level of display experience that competitors cannot imitate, and the future AR goggles are ready. AR goggles need high brightness because they need to output images that are visible in the light of the sun and other light sources. It becomes difficult to see the content that overlaps with the field of view, ”he points out that the extremely high brightness of the display is a technology that will lead to the appearance of AR goggles in the future.

Mr. Young does not mention the resolution of the MR headset, only ``the pixel density is 4000 ppi'' and ``the display size is 1.41 inches''. MacRumors points out that this indicates that the calculation shows that the resolution of the MR headset will be 8K (for both eyes). That's a resolution that far exceeds competitive headsets such as the Quest Pro 2.

In addition, Apple's MR headset will be named 'Reality Pro' and is expected to look like 'ski goggles' with a physical dial that can turn VR on and off. The name Reality Pro was also found in Apple's trademark application.

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There are also reports that Reality Pro will be equipped with a camera to support the hand tracking function and an eye tracking sensor. Sensors installed inside the headset track the user's line of sight, and cameras installed in the headset track the movements of the user's hand, displaying buttons, app icons, list items, etc. It is expected that you will be able to perform tasks by manipulating it.

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Furthermore, although Reality Pro is a stand-alone headset, it is expected that the battery pack will be connected to the main unit with a cable to lighten the goggles worn on the head. The Reality Pro battery pack has a size and shape similar to the MagSafe battery pack, and it is said that one battery pack will be able to operate for about 2 hours.

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In addition, Apple's MR headset is expected to sell for about $ 3000 (about 420,000 yen).

VR headsets and AR headsets have been released by multiple manufacturers, but as an advantage of choosing Apple's MR headset, 9to5Mac said, ``There are various existing services such as the App Store library and Apple-related services.'' I am listing. Bloomberg's Mark Garman, who is familiar with Apple-related leak information, points out that Apple's MR headset is 'highly likely to be available for all iPad apps.'

In addition, it is rumored that Apple's first MR headset will be announced at WWDC23, which is scheduled to be held from June 6, 2023 (Tuesday), Japan time, and the following articles are expected to be announced. Since it is summarized, please check it if you are interested.

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