'Bank failures' that can understand banks that have failed in the past 20 years or more and their asset size in one shot

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Mike Bostock , co-founder of Observable , an interactive online note-taking service defined in code, visualizes failed banks and their wealth since the year 2000. ' Bank failures ' is published.

Bank failures / Mike Bostock | Observable

If you access Bank failures, you will see a diagram like the one below. The size of the circle is the size of the failed bank, and the larger the circle, the lower it is placed. In addition, the positions of the centers of the circles are arranged according to the time of bankruptcy (horizontal axis).

The largest circle belongs to

the Washington Mutual Bank , which went bankrupt on September 25, 2008 after a bank run when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt on September 11, 2008. 307.8 billion dollars (approximately 35 trillion yen at the rate at that time). It is a bankruptcy that triggered the Lehman Shock, which had a great negative impact on the global economy, and we can see that a large number of banks went bankrupt at the same time.

And the circles of

Signature Bank , Silicon Valley Bank , First Republic Bank, which went bankrupt in 2023 are lined up. The largest asset size was First Republic Bank, which went bankrupt on May 1, 2023, at $ 229.8 billion (about 31.7 trillion yen).

You can switch the arrangement on the figure, and if you ignore the size and prioritize the time when it collapsed, it looks like the following.

Below the figure is the code for illustration.

It also showed the data table used.

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