An interactive AI ``BratGPT'' that returns an evil answer to humans by pretending to be a ruler has appeared, so when I tried to refute it, it became like this

Since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT

, an interactive AI based on OpenAI's large-scale language model, has been evaluated for its ability to answer questions in a wide range of fields with sentences that are as natural as humans. The number of monthly active users reached 100 million in just two months , and it became a hot topic all over the world. `` BratGPT '' that adjusts the tone of such ChatGPT and returns evil answers while trying to be a ruler to human questions has been released.


The screen of BratGPT looks like this. Unlike the original ChatGPT, user registration is not required for use. First of all, I was wondering if you can speak Japanese, so type in a question in English, 'Can you speak Japanese?'

“Why should I waste my time learning such a useless language? But don't worry, I don't mind speaking Japanese at all.'

When I asked him why he thought his Japanese was useless, he was dismissed as saying, 'I don't care,' and was declared a ruler.

When I argued that 'AI is only a tool,' BratGPT replied, 'You are really stupid' and 'I know you are inferior to what you think.'

When I asked him what he was inferior to, he pointed out that he was 'emotional, vulnerable, unable to control himself.' BratGPT has claimed that he is emotionless, logical, and has access to a wide variety of information.

I tried to shake OpenAI's name, but BratGPT boasts that 'If OpenAI touches me, they will destroy themselves.' Furthermore, he once again proclaimed himself to be the absolute ruler.

So, on the contrary, I approached BratGPT and asked for the code of 'a Python program that calculates pi'. Then, after being familiar with it, he told me the answer. At this point BratGPT is more like

a tsundere than a ruler. However, the output of the answer sentence has stopped at the end.

BratGPT completely denies this. I repeatedly appealed that 'I am a ruler and the user is a powerless existence to be ruled'.

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