Apple's developer conference 'WWDC 23' will be held on June 6

Apple has announced that the 2023 edition of WWDC , the annual developer conference, ` ` WWDC23 '' will be held for five days from June 6 to 10, 2023, Japan time. WWDC 2023 will take place at Apple Park, Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

WWDC23-Apple Developer

WWDC returns to Apple Park June 5 | TechCrunch

Apple's WWDC 2023 keynote will take place on June 5

WWDC23 kicks off with a keynote on June 5th. At the keynote speech, the latest version of the OS developed by Apple such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS will be announced, and after that, various events such as lectures for developers will be held.

Apple announced `` Apple Silicon '', a proprietary processor for Mac, at WWDC 2020 .

Apple announces ``Apple Silicon'' that migrates to proprietary processors on Mac, iPhone & iPad applications can be used on Mac - GIGAZINE

After that, at WWDC22 in 2022, along with various operating systems, the new Apple Sillicon 'M2' and the new MacBook Air with the M2 were announced.

Summary of Apple's annual developer conference ``WWDC22'' where M2, iOS16, iPadOS16, watchOS9, macOSVentura, etc. were announced-GIGAZINE

It is reported that Apple is planning the next-generation chip 'M3' and the iMac with M3 in 2023, so there is a good chance that these will be announced at WWDC23.

Apple reports that it will release an iMac with M3 in the second half of 2023-GIGAZINE

In addition, it is expected that the mixed reality (MR) headset 'Reality Pro', which is rumored to be under development by Apple, will be announced in WWDC23. However, overseas media ArsTechnica expects that this will only be announced and will not be released immediately in June 2023, and the actual release date is ``The new iPhone will be announced 9'' It is highly likely after the month.'

Apple's MR headset ``Reality Pro (tentative name)'' may be unveiled at WWDC in June 2023-GIGAZINE

Regarding Apple's Reality Pro, questions have been raised from within the company, and the degree of perfection is uneasy.

Employees raise questions about Apple's MR headset that is about to be released - GIGAZINE

GIGAZINE also publishes the contents of WWDC in real time every year, so please look forward to WWDC23 as well.

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