Apps for iPhone and iPad are also available by default in the App Store for Apple Vision Pro

It has been revealed that existing iPhone and iPad apps will be added to the app store for Apple's first AR headset , Apple Vision Pro , which was announced at WWDC23 and is scheduled to be released in early 2024. Ta. App developers will now be able to distribute their iPhone and iPad apps to Apple Vision Pro with little to no modification.

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On September 5, 2023 local time, Apple released a release for app developers titled ``Evolve your iPad and iPhone apps further with Apple Vision Pro.'' In this, Apple has revealed that the Apple Vision Pro, an AR headset announced by the company, will have a dedicated App Store separate from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. He also explained that existing iPad and iPhone apps will be distributed in the App Store for Apple Vision Pro and will work comfortably with Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro allows you to freely place apps in your field of vision. Existing iPad and iPhone apps will work the same way on Apple Vision Pro, so app developers can distribute their apps on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro without any additional work. Additionally, Apple explains that by default, apps for iPad and iPhone are automatically published to the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

Furthermore, a beta version for developers of visionOS, the OS for Apple Vision Pro, is scheduled to be released in fall 2023, and accordingly, a beta version of the App Store for Apple Vision Pro will also be released in fall 2023. It's a schedule.

visionOS supports most frameworks available for iOS and iPadOS, but if your app includes features that cannot be used properly with Apple Vision Pro, the app will not be compatible and will not be available on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro. Masu. To make the app usable, you must provide alternative functionality to the visionOS version of the app.

In addition, Apple lists the functions supported by each device such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro, and you can check it from below.

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To check the operation of the application on visionOS, you can use the visionOS simulator provided in the beta version of Xcode 15. The visionOS simulator allows you to interact with and easily test most of your app's core functionality. Additionally, to run and test your app on Apple Vision Pro, you must submit your app for compatibility assessment or sign up for Developer Labs .

Furthermore, if you want to further refine your app for visionOS, you can build your app using the visionOS SDK to make the app experience more natural on visionOS.

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