The new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is expected to appear in 2023, but the announcement at WWDC23 is unlikely

Apple will hold WWDC23, the 2023 version of the annual developer conference WWDC, from June 6, 2023. Bloomberg's Mark Garman, who is familiar with Apple-related leaks, said that Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will not appear at WWDC23.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro Reportedly Not Coming at WWDC, Mac Studio Refresh Likely Delayed Until M3 - MacRumors

MacRumors, an Apple-related media, has released an interview video on YouTube that asks Garman to talk about the hardware and software expected to appear at WWDC23.

Among them, Mr. Garman said that the Mac Pro, which is expected to appear , is 'expected to be released in 2023, but it is unlikely to be announced at WWDC23.'

The Mac Pro sold at the time of writing the article is the following model announced in 2019.

Monster machine 'Mac Pro' with 28 core Intel Xeon processor & maximum 1.5 TB memory announced - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, regarding the next-generation model of the `` Mac Studio '', a professional Mac equipped with the M1 Ultra that appeared in March 2022, Garman pointed out that ``there is a high possibility that a new model equipped with the M2 series will not appear.'' I'm here. The reason why Mac Studio avoids the new model equipped with the M2 series is 'to avoid conflict with the Mac Pro', and it is expected that the new Mac Studio will be equipped with the M3 series.

'Mac Studio' for professionals with M1 Ultra and up to 939,800 yen and 'Studio Display' with A13 Bionic & 5K Retina display appeared - GIGAZINE

In addition, Garman said that the new 15-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip, which is expected to be announced soon, was originally scheduled to be released in 2022. Since the 13-inch MacBook Air with M2 was already announced in June 2022, the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Airs were intentionally delayed. Therefore, Garman said, 'It may mean that a model with a new chip will be released sooner in a small model.'

`` MacBook Air '' reborn with a new design with M2 and a thickness of 11.3 mm appears - GIGAZINE

In addition, Mr. Garman points out that Apple's mixed reality (MR) headset may be 'aerial typing' as a text input method. According to Mr. Garman, the battery life of the MR headset is about 2 hours, and it is likely that the battery life of the next model will be about the same as the battery life of the Apple Watch has not improved. doing.

In addition, it is rumored that Apple's MR headset will be released soon, but it is also reported that doubts have been raised from within the company, and there are also skeptical voices about its performance.

Employees raise questions about Apple's MR headset that is about to be released - GIGAZINE

The full interview video of MacRumors and Garman can be viewed from the following.

Mark Gurman Talks WWDC 2023, Apple AR/VR Headset, and New Macs-YouTube

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