The new iPad Pro may be equipped with an M4 chip instead of an M3 chip

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a familiar name for Apple-related leaks, has reported that the long-rumored new iPad Pro may feature the M4 chip instead of the M3 chip.

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It is rumored that Apple plans to release the M4 chip, the fourth generation of Apple Silicon, for Macs in the second half of 2024. The M4 chip is expected to be installed in Macs such as iMacs, MacBook Pros, and Mac minis, but it has now been reported that it will also be installed in the new iPad Pro.

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The M4 chip will have a new neural engine and will be designed specifically for AI functions. Gurman wrote, 'I've heard that the new iPad Pro is likely to be equipped with the M4 chip rather than the M3 chip. Apple is positioning the new iPad Pro as the 'first true AI-enabled device,' and all devices after this new iPad Pro will be promoted as AI-enabled devices.'

Apple is scheduled to hold its annual developer conference, WWDC, in June 2024, where it is expected to announce the new iPad Pro, M4 chip, and iPadOS 18, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2024. 'We expect Apple to build the iPhone 16 series and A18 chip around AI,' said Gurman, expressing his hope that the new iPhone will also have AI capabilities at its core.

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In addition, Apple is scheduled to hold an iPad-related launch event, 'Let Loose,' on May 7, 2024. Apple is expected to announce the iPad Air, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and more. 'Let Loose' is not a large-scale launch event like WWDC, but is expected to be a small-scale online-only launch event, and the launch event is expected to last about an hour.

Apple announces that it will hold a new product launch event 'Let Loose' where new iPads and new Apple Pencils are rumored to be released on May 7, 2024 at 23:00 - GIGAZINE

In addition to the M4 chip, the new iPad Pro will be equipped with an OLED display, and the position of the front FaceTime camera will be changed. The dedicated keyboard Magic Keyboard and the stylus Apple Pencil are also expected to be redesigned, and it is rumored that the new Apple Pencil will be equipped with haptic feedback for the first time.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is in talks to partner with OpenAI to develop AI features. It is expected that iOS 18, which Apple plans to release in 2024, will be equipped with a number of AI features, and the rumored new AI features are summarized in the following article.

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